Christians often live in the same neighbourhood without ever knowing each other. Streetprayer's main goal is to help them find one other, spend time together in fellowship, praise and prayer, and encourage neighbours to join in.


Decide on what area you would like to visit - your street, 100 or 1000 homes around you, etc.

  • Pray for at least one other Christian neighbour to work and pray together with you.
  • Put on an event. We began in 2007 visiting every home on our street of about a hundred houses, inviting residents to a prayer breakfast. We worked together with one family on the street and a couple of young people. Twenty people came to the first event, including two people who didn’t go to church; one was recently widowed and became part of the Christian community in the area.
  • From your first gathering, form a team of workers and pray together about what event to do next. We’ve found it's essential to plan an event to invite people to. The second event could be anything from:
  • A prayer breakfast - we started with monthly ones on our street and these spread to the streets around us.
  • A big event for the whole area around you - perhaps taking in about 3000 homes. We try to find a neutral hall rather than a church building as that encourages Christians from all churches to come and bring their friends. However in 2018 we did an event in an area of Oxford called Rose Hill; there was no community hall available so the Methodist Church there kindly lent us their building. We leafleted about 4000 homes and visited about 300. About 40 people came to the first event and a team is now established in the area to pray and put on events in the future. This year we did another Rose Hill breakfast but used the community centre. About 50 people came and there is now an on-going prayer group run Rose Hill trying to move things forward. There is also interest in the surrounding areas of Iffley and Temple Cowley.

Saturday 9th May 2020 Big Breakfast Day and World Streetprayer Day: Trying to encourage all neighbourhoods everywhere to put on an event and invite their neighbours to get to know each other, pray and sing together.

We hope that this page helps to inspire you! It's not our intention to form a big organisation but rather to try to motivate Christians everywhere to get together with their neighbours and get to know each other, pray, sing and reach out together. We have found this very fruitful in the past and can recommend these type of events.

If you decide to do so or need help or prayer for your event we'd love to hear from you. Please email info@streetprayer.org or write a comment below:

Big Breakfast Day 2010

Stephen Roberts

Stephen Roberts

I never really used to say hello to that many neighbours, except for my immediate ones, but now I know lots of people on the street.

Stephen Roberts
Meteorologist, Oxford

Steve Gibbs

Steve Gibbs

I really enjoy meeting new people at the street breakfasts, it’s refreshing and is creating a more caring community based on helping each other.

Steve Gibbs
Teacher, Oxford

Lorna Smith

Lorna Smith

Streetprayer is important to me because it’s all about building community, and community with God as the centre

Lorna Smith
Chemistry lecturer, Oxford University


(Last updated 3rd January 2019)

For Streetprayer events please enquire using the form on the contact page.


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  1. Profile photo of marcus Roberts
    01/02/2019 at 9:33 pm

    It’s over ten years now since we started and we’re still encouraged by the fruit we have from each event: New neighbours in the area joining the Christian community; Christians who go to different congregations in the city finding each other as neighbours; people coming into the Kingdom of God through the prayers and love of their neighbours. If you have anything that would encourage us please write here. Marcus Roberts. Co-ordinator

  2. Profile photo of marcus Roberts
    05/02/2019 at 7:28 am

    How many people on our street believe in Jesus Christ? This was a question that filled our minds in September 2007 when we first visited every home on Edgeway Road saying: “We’re inviting the street to a prayer breakfast” We were somewhat apprehensive at first but were surprised at the mainly positive responses. Most people said: “That’s a good idea.” Some perhaps out of politeness, hoping we’d leave quickly. Others were extremely enthusiastic and on the day twenty people came along. It was a great blessing for us as we got to know Christians we would probably not have met otherwise as they went to different congregations every Sunday. Those who came belonged to Anglican churches, a Community church, a Chinese church, a house church and no church at all. From that moment new friendships started and we were able to pray for our street together.

  3. Lorna
    08/02/2019 at 9:27 pm

    Visiting homes in Rosehill to invite people to our recent Streetprayer Breakfast there was very rewarding. We met Christians from a range of different churches who didn’t realise that there were other Christians living nearby. Now some of them are starting to meet and pray together.

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